Functional Aims of the Activity

The Logistic platform is a likely port infrastructure, which is necessary due to the increasing importance of sea transport and to the planning of new ports.
In such context, the port of Taranto plays a key role thanks to its position at the end of a virtual “ADRIATIC CORRIDOR”, representing the preferential route of European transport and also because it is now finally a part of the “Sea Highways” project.
The Logistic platform is a fundamental service in the creation of infrastructures of the port and, at the same time, it is also our “duty” as its creation will necessary imply various changes in the port’s traffic and perhaps will support new opportunities. As for the traffic joint, which is the main aim of the logistic platform, some specific activities will be necessarily carried out, so to allow the entire port basin to better manage the activities involved and better directly connection the Adriatic Corridor by creating a further connection with the standard mobility, without interfering, however, with normal transport activities if not in common necessary junctions which have been planned.

For this reason, the construction of the logistic integrated platform in Taranto is totally in synergy with the enlargement of the 4th dock, of the dock at the West side of the 4th dock and of the Docks Road, since all allow an infrastructural upgrade of Taranto’s Port Site. In this way, the port’s services will be enhanced, providing undeniable positive effects in the development beyond the Ionian territory.
The areas which will be upgraded by this project are the port, the road and railway network. In fact, a railway terminal connected to the national railway system will be provided within the platform itself.

The aim of the project is to provide the port of Taranto with adequate port infrastructures, which are up to now totally missing, necessary due to the increasing importance of sea transport and in regards to the General Transport Plan. Therefore, this economic activity trigger a positive territory development cycle and seize the opportunities which will be created thanks to the strategic position of the Port of Taranto in regards to the “Adriatic Corridor” and of the “Sea Highway”.
Fundamental element is the creation of an internal train terminal, which will be directly connected to the national railway system; furthermore, a coastal navigation for National, Western Europe and Black Sea routes will also be developed, increasing the exchange of goods and manufactures transported by sea Cargos, Ro-Ro, Multipurpose and Containers.
The creation of the Integrated Logistic Platform in Taranto, will allow us to achieve the following aims:
• minimize industrial risk factors by following avant-grade and specific development strategies
• create economic activities which will determine high occupational levels (both directly and indirectly) without causing environmental pollution and risks for the public health
• enhance the port’s infrastructures;
• guarantee a long term economic development for the entire area of Taranto;
• trigger an economic growth process which will involve a wider area.
In conclusion, the activities have the goal to permanently change the Port of Taranto transforming it from a simple transshipment, to an complete port Hub.